Exceptional customer service is crucial to us

Our prime objective is to be a true partner to each customer, adding value to help you achieve your goals and contribute to the better performance of your business.

We want to make sure that you are entirely satisfied with everything we do. Whatever your needs, we want to give you the best advice and an outstanding solution that’s ‘right’ for you in every respect and provides a great return on investment.

Our commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service is based on the following guiding principles.

  • Work as partners with our customers rather than as suppliers
  • Keep our commitments and obligations of responsibility, respect and trust
  • Offer the best advice at all times and strive to attain the highest standards
  • Communicate clearly, responsibly and effectively; always responding quickly to any requests.
  • Use our scale and long term supplier relationships to offer the leading brands  at extremely competitive prices
  • Hold substantial stocks for speed and consistency of supply
  • Guarantee the quality of our products and fitting
  • Follow a robust environmental policy, including the removal of all waste from site for recycling.
  • Adhere to stringent management systems and quality control procedures
  • Deliver best local service through our unique regional network
  • Recognise that sometimes things don’t always go to plan, so work to resolve any unforeseen issues at the earliest stage
  • Provide a prompt and efficient after sales service

Quality assurance

We have a number of procedures in place to maintain the highest quality standards. These include the following.

  • In dealing with the leading manufacturers we know that all our suppliers have their own comprehensive vetting procedures in place to start with, but we go further. Our own internal systems ensure that all incoming products are closely scrutinised and we undertake regular spot checks at various points in the supply line, all the way through to installation.
  • We keep detailed records of all product and service issues. Any product failures, or abnormally high reject rates, can be identified and quickly taken up with the manufacturer. If necessary, we will remove products from our range and source an alternative to ensure service levels aren’t compromised.
  • We invite regular feedback on our own performance so any issues or inconsistencies that may arise can be dealt with swiftly.
  • We sub-contract our installation work.  However, all our sub-contractors are vetted for the quality of their work. This involves them being interviewed by the regional manager, completing a sub-contractors questionnaire and the supply of two satisfactory references.

Continuous investment

Our commitment to service means we are constantly investing in our people and resources. Through our regional centres we have designated service personnel and a fleet of vehicles that can quickly be on site to resolve any issues should they arise. However, our attitude to service is rooted in ‘prevention is better than a cure’.

Customer Service Managers 

  • Our CSM’s are responsible for resolving customer service issues by visiting, evaluating and, if required, carrying out remedial work.

Customer Service Administrators and Co-ordinators 

  • A designated first point of call for any service related matters. They provide an efficient, effective administration service to ensure the smooth operation of customer service delivery.

Insurance Cover

Even when businesses do everything right, there is still the possibility that something can go wrong. We give you complete peace of mind by taking away all the risk when it comes to insurance.

As the UK’s largest flooring contractor we carry £10m of product and public insurance liability cover.  Our industry heavily involves the use of sub-contractors who traditionally carry their own insurance of somewhere between £500,000 and £1m, but monitoring and verifying this is an extremely difficult task.  So, to protect you and to reduce the risk of the right insurance not being in place, we cover all of our sub-contractors for product and public liability when working for us up to £5m.