Flooring care

Now that you have moved into your new home, we would like to provide you with some information that should help keep your flooring in the best possible condition. If your flooring choices have been supplied and fitted by Designer Contracts we trust that you will be totally satisfied with the products that you have chosen and their installation. With some regular care and attention, together with a prompt response to spillages and stains, all your flooring should remain hard wearing and looking good for many years. Please remember that the colour shading of flooring can vary. Every attempt will be made in making sure that colours in our sample books remain consistent with the finished product, but we cannot guarantee that these samples will be an exact match.


The more you look after your carpet, the longer it will stay looking good. To help further, it is always beneficial to use doormats to minimise dirt being brought into your home. To prevent premature wear, regular vacuuming (at least twice a week) is recommended, with a greater frequency (daily) for high traffic areas. The correct type of vacuum should always be used; for all cut pile carpets an upright cleaner with an active beater bar will help loosen and lift dirt from the pile. Loop pile carpets are normally best maintained using a suction cleaner to minimise snagging and damage to the pile. Please always refer to the specific instructions on the samples or request this information from your local regional Designer Contracts office.


For small spills on carpet, the golden rule is to act quickly.

• Always blot, never rub a spill.

• Work from the outside of the spill inwards to prevent spreading.

• Use dry, plain white kitchen roll or a clean, dry cloth.

• Remove solid materials by scrapingup with a spoon or spatula.

For bigger spills professional cleaning is recommended. For helpful advice, and a comprehensive guide for dealing with a variety of specific spillages, we recommend you visit http://www.ncca.co.uk/firstaidforyourcarpet.php

Understanding your carpet


All carpets with a spun yarn will always shed excess fibres when first installed. This can be expected and isn’t a fault with the carpet. The effect can vary, but the fibres can be removed without a detrimental effect on the carpet by vacuuming.


This is not a defect within the carpet, but a natural occurrence with the soft fibres in the pile that creates light and dark patches on the carpet.

Protruding tufts

Occasionally a tuft may protrude above the carpet surface. If it is a cut pile you can simply trim this down to the level of the carpet with a pair of scissors. Never try to pull tufts out of the carpet.


All carpets are subject to flattening in varying degrees. Flattening is not a fault and is a normal reaction to localised traffic. Whilst it can also be caused by heavy furniture, it isn’t detrimental to the wear of the carpet. Frequent vacuuming will help to alleviate flattening. Furniture can also be moved and re-positioned on a regular basis to allow even wear.


Indentations can occur when the carpet is subject to heavy loads, such as furniture. These can be minimised by regularly moving the position of furniture or using caster cups. The pile can be eased back up by gently using a coin to tease the fibres upright. General care and maintenance can often speed up recovery.

Natural Fibres

As a natural fibre, pure new wool can contain slight traces of the sheep’s outdoor environment even after thorough washing and inspections through the manufacturing process. On very rare occasions, fitted carpets can contain such traces. In such cases, Designer Contracts reserves the right to carry out any remedial work required on site without replacing the carpet. All statutory rights are not affected.


Things like pet claws and rubber soled shoes can be abrasive on carpets. If this occurs in small, concentrated areas near to sofas and chairs it is advisable to move furniture to avoid distortion to the pile.

Pole Marks

A pole mark is a line that may be visible on a newly installed carpet, about 1ft/30cms in from a wall. This results from the carpet being tightly wrapped around a tube for shipping and it isn’t a seam or a defect. The line will naturally disappear over time and through vacuuming.


All carpets are subject to a degree of fading (due to natural light) with age, but this is generally unnoticeable over the years. If you do have an extremely sunny room you can protect the carpet by drawing the curtains to reduce the amount of light and the possibility of excessive fading.

Day to day care of your vinyl floor or your luxury vinyl tiles, such as Amtico or Karndean, should consist of sweeping with a soft brush and the occasional wipe with a damp mop or cloth. Ensure all entrance matting is regularly cleaned.

• Avoid using aerosol polish and silicone sprays as any overspray can leave the floor slippery.

• Never use scouring pads, steam mops, abrasive liquid or powder cleaning products.

• Wipe up spillages immediately.

• Avoid contact with rubber, shoe polish, paints and asphalt which can cause permanent damage to the floor.

• Avoid using rubber backed mats as they may cause the surface of the floor to fade.

• Take care when vacuuming as scratching of the floor can occur.

• Use furniture cups, felt pads or glides to avoid scratches from furniture feet.

• Do not drag heavy items of furniture across the floor.

• Only use floor cleaners and maintainers that are recommended by the manufacturer. Some of these can be purchased from Designer Contracts.

For general cleaning use a dust mop, vacuum (with the hard floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner) or wipe occasionally with a damp cotton or cloth mop (avoiding excess water). Do not use steam mops.

For heavier cleaning, use a manufacturer’s hard surface cleaner or a mixture of household vinegar and water (one cup of vinegar to one gallon of warm water). Do not use soap or detergent based cleaners, wax based products or any type of polish on laminate floors, as they leave a dull, filmy residue.

There is never a need to wax or refinish your laminate flooring. Recommended cleaning kits and floor care maintainers are available from Designer Contracts.

When laid in a hallway we recommend the use of a doormat. This will minimise grit being walked into your home that could scratch the floor.

Wood floors should be swept clean on a daily basis. A vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment can be used or a broom. Steam mops must not be used.

Any spillages should be wiped up as soon as they occur; any residual dirt or debris can be removed by a dry microfiber dust mop.

If water is required to help clean the floor only use a slightly damp mop. Excess water should be avoided and no standing water should ever be allowed to remain on the surface of the floor.

Recommended cleaning kits are available from Designer Contracts.


Expert fitting is to a professional standard. Should any small fitting issues arise they will be almost immediately apparent and will be rectified free of charge. In the unlikely event of any such problems occurring, the work will be done by Designer Contracts through the local regional office nearest to you. Please be aware that having wires laid underneath the carpet or uplifting the carpet does not constitute a valid reason for stretching or refitting. In such cases the re-call will be chargeable.

Click here to download a PDF version of our flooring care guide.