Award winning recycling scheme

We are members of Carpet Recycling UK & have won “Take Back Partner of The Year” for several years running. Our award-winning scheme sees our carpet waste removed from site and returned to our regional warehouses, we don’t use our customers skips! It is then returned to our National Distribution Centre where we analyse, categorise and either dispose of in the correct way using waste drums or forward it onto our recycling partner. Here it is put it back into the system, either being recycled into a felt underlay or used in equestrian or agricultural sectors. Each year we divert more than 250 tons of carpet waste from landfill.

Our teams use sophisticated planning software that forecasts our predicted waste. This means we can plan effectively and as such, use 4 rather than 5 metre widths of flooring therefore further minimising waste and cost.

All cardboard and plastic waste is also returned to our National Distribution Centre where it is baled and forwarded onto a recycling partner.  We recycle over 70 tons of cardboard & 20 tons of plastic each year.

Carpet Recycling UK

Award winning environmental initiative

We have been awarded a top industry prize alongside Texfelt for innovation in sustainability. Working with Texfelt we can supply a fully recyclable underlay made from single use plastic bottles to our customers.

Responsibly sourced products

A sustainable supply chain is important to us so we actively seek and use suppliers that provide evidence of their green credentials. Sustainability is considered within our sourcing and selection processes and for the suppliers we use and for services we provide. We support responsible forest management by making sure timber products we offer are from a sustainable source. Manufacturers from whom we purchase wood or laminate flooring hold FSC certifications, PEFC or equivalent. Many suppliers that we work with hold ISO 14001, BREAAM certifications amongst other recognised environmental certifications.

In September 2022 we were awarded a Eco Contractor Award from eco-engineered underlay specialists Texfelt in recognition of an outstanding environmental achievement. Using Springbond – a sustainable alternative to PU foam, felt and rubber underlay – has meant we have successfully prevented over 2,000,000 plastic bottles from polluting the world’s oceans.

Transport efficiency

We closely monitor all our central transport fleet to ensure that every vehicle is driven in a manner that minimises fuel consumption and emissions.

We champion backload transport in all aspects of our business including collection of stock from manufacturers on return journeys following deliveries to our own regional centres and getting our recycling waste to the processing plant. In 2022 we introduced electric company cars to our business.